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      Re: Fibre Glass Pole Mounting

      I need to see if I can find one of those here in the US. It would be a great addition to my kit.

      John WD5IKX
      Texas, USA

      WD5IKX 26th May 2016, 15:06 Go to last post

      Re: Fibre Glass Pole Mounting

      One thing I would say is mine is a bit short for the sole support, unless it's very calm. If the ground is hard it's better, but on soft peaty summits

      G1YBB 26th May 2016, 09:36 Go to last post

      Re: Fibre Glass Pole Mounting

      Ah - that's the kind of thing that I've been looking for: Something to allow me to put a standard/travel 10m pole in the ground but without having to

      M0PZT 26th May 2016, 09:30 Go to last post

      Re: Our set up for the May VHF contest

      Ah Capel! That's Ian H. That's where I saw it.

      G1YBB 25th May 2016, 21:10 Go to last post

      Re: Our set up for the May VHF contest

      The group is based at the Capel Battery which used to be home to the 424th Coast Battery Royal Artillery. Only fitting to fly their flag

      M0LMK 25th May 2016, 20:45 Go to last post