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    • ARPOC Awards Scheme

      The ARPOC awards scheme aims to encourage operators to get out in the fresh air with their radio equipment and enjoy portable operating.

      ARPOC has plenty of award certificates that can be applied for and are delivered as a downloadable certificate for members to print at home. Take a look here to see them all.

      Downloadable award certificates are free for all members of ARPOC but it is appreciated if you consider becoming a full member. Full membership costs only 5 per year and helps to ensure that the awards scheme continues for future generations.

    • Support ARPOC

      ARPOC is free to join for every licensed amateur radio operator but becoming a full ARPOC member helps us to keep the website, forums and award scheme running and shows your support for portable operators worldwide.

      Full membership costs just 5 GBP per year with discounts for longer memberships.

      You can find out about the different membership levels by clicking here.

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      Re: KX3/PX3 Stands

      That is a great looking stand. Good work.

      John WD5IKX

      WD5IKX 25th Jul 2016, 04:32 Go to last post

      KX3/PX3 Stands

      I have been busy with the wood. I purchased my PX3 about 4 weeks ago and have loved using it and finding all its additional uses i.e. PXK31, RTTY, Waterfalls

      G4KLE 24th Jul 2016, 18:20 Go to last post

      Re: Locations map

      Many thanks for all the help and advice I do operate portable quite a lot when the weather isn't too bad and Im sure I will make good use of this website.

      M0XOC 21st Jul 2016, 01:30 Go to last post