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24th Apr 2015, 20:40
Would other members like a map? It may be helpful if you want to get together with other nearby members.

It would be up to individual members to add their own location so they can be as specific as they like or just not add themselves if they don't want to be on it.

I can also make the map visible to full members only as an added perk of membership.

What do others think?

26th Apr 2015, 06:59
I'd like to see a map, but in the interest of not making locations too generally available, maybe keeping it accessible to full members only is a good idea.

I don't think street addresses are necessary, mabe base it on locator squares or something, or even just have towns?

26th Apr 2015, 07:33
Since the "forum rules" state call signs must be used, why not add that locators be used as part of "Location" field in user profiles. That way the data can be extracted from the forum database AND if can be maintained by the users.
For example M0LMK already has his location in an appropriate format !

26th Apr 2015, 09:20
I can make the location field a required field for users who are creating an account.

The I would just need to write a script to overlay the locators on a map.

How does that sound?

27th Apr 2015, 05:18
Not a bad idea, if i were to say, go on a camping weekend, i would consider a location that gave me a better chance of a contact with a fellow member.

15th Jun 2015, 18:13
I've taken a look at it but put it on the bottom of the "to do" list for now unless there is more demand.