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25th Apr 2015, 17:03
My name is Ian, G0PDZ. When first licensed I was able to operate HF & VHF with beams & with little noise from suburban SE London. I also operated mobile and /P regularly. Sadly life got in the way & I was inactive for many years only returning to the hobby recently.

Recent home QTH locations & noise levels have all but prevented main station operating, so /P has been the way to get on the air. I have been using my FT897D, FT857D & FT817ND as circumstances allow, with Sotabeams link dipoles for HF supported on 10m fishing pole/s, Sotabeams 2m beam for quick or pedestrian activity, or collapsable 2m or 70cm beams with rotator on a 20' 4 section pole for car deployed activations.

Activity of late has in the main been from the beaches of Thanet whilst out walking the dog or parked up on a convenient esplanade car park.

I look forward to meeting you all on the air, collecting certificates & recording my activations here on ARPOC.

Matt & Kaz, well done for setting this up, I'm sure it will be a great success.

Ian. G0PDZ

25th Apr 2015, 22:42
Hi Ian,

Welcome to the forums and I hope you enjoy chasing the various awards. Am getting the SOTAbeams 4 band link dipole and the 7m pole as well as the MFD for 2m next week, now I just need to get my hands on a FT817ND! Still 2m is as good a way as any to get some activations under my belt.

Maybe see you on the air sometime soon.

26th Apr 2015, 00:23

Thanks for the welcome. I have been fortunate in working NI & EI on 2m from here in Thanet using only 10w during contests, but I imagine it was they who were doing all the hard work. Hi hi!

I have been very pleased with my two linked dipoles, so easy to deploy & quick to change bands. When out walking with the dog I also will use my 7m pole as its lighter & less cumbersome to carry than my 10m poles. I also have one of Richards MFD, whilst not used very much, it has enabled a few contacts on my VX8 handie which otherwise may not have been made. Sadly he no longer produces his 2m/70cm beam which has given me plenty of contacts. Made of pvc pipe slipped onto a fishing pole, using the 'Armstrong' rotator, I think on occasion I have done better than with my bigger beam as I've been able to swing onto a station more quickly & get a call in before they've swung away.

You will love the 817, I had the 897 first & then the 857. Both are great radios, the 897 is great at home & when contesting & has been used at Special Events. The 857 will become my /m rig when I decide on whether I'm changing my car & install it. But the 817ND is fast becoming a favourite, such a small package but so flexible. Ive just bought a waistpack from PowerPort, or fannypack as they are called in the U.S., for it for even lighter than backpack operations. Something for future reports.


26th Apr 2015, 09:27
Welcome to the club Ian.

Great to have you here.