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27th Apr 2015, 04:20
I think I am going to activate a park here in Frankfort KY. It is called Fort Hill. It was the sight of a Union encampment during the civil war and also a rather nasty skirmish between the union and confederate troops. I will post pictures.

27th Apr 2015, 06:40
Check the site before you go. The new SPOTS system may be up and running.

If not then don't forget to post your freq here if you can so other members can try and work you. :D

27th Apr 2015, 23:03
I went out and by the sounds of things posting a freq. here would not have been worth it. I made one successful QSO. I heard no Europe stations. But I got pictures. Oh and yes that is Frankfort KY. In the background is the capital building of our commonwealth.

27th Apr 2015, 23:26
Nice pics!

Dont forget to post your QRV times in Zulu!! We Brits can do many things but converting real time to your Pacific eastern mountain daylight squandering time isnt one of them. ( my tongue wedged firmly in my sagging cheek!!)


28th Apr 2015, 01:35
Will do. I did write down zulu. I have an app for that.

28th Apr 2015, 13:35
Great pictures and a great location.

One more outing and you can claim your first certificate! Will yours be the next one that I issue? ;)

Thanks for sharing.

28th Apr 2015, 14:55
Probably not. I have to work the next 7 days. But I might sneak out Thursday or Friday for an hour or two