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27th Apr 2015, 14:26
Well this is my angle on 'A shack in a box' I truly hate to see trailing wires and extension sockets, plus if i wanted to go /P unplugging a load of kit to take, soon makes me lose interest. 12 years ago i began a project (this one) where i wanted all modes and all bands upto at least 70cms, all inside one box. Its had many reincarnations since then, the keypad and PIC micro with 16X2 LCD has been replaced with a Raspberry Pi, and 7" touch screen etc. Ive had many of the modules tested over the years, and it uses a selection of transverters to get above 30 Mhz and below 500 Khz.

Im hoping to get this at last 'near' completion for this summer when i want to go touring in Europe. The main drive for all of these bits is an old Icom IC-725, well at least the PCB's from one, this will be fitted inside. The whole thing is modular, with different sections of the set on separate chassis's.

For those of you wondering about the 'rough' looking holes, there will be a proper reverse engraved front panel made to hide this..

30th Apr 2015, 17:28

That's looking great John.

How much does it weigh?

30th Apr 2015, 18:50
and double wow to get the word count right!


30th Apr 2015, 19:58
Weight im not sure about, but i think it would fall into the 'Sumo' class. My goals were to have all modes including ATV and digital modes, and to run the legal limit or most of the way to legal limit. 6m, 4m are 200w FM, 2m and 70cms 100w. HF is 400w

This project was actually started in 2003. and was put away when i got bored, many of the modules were built years ago, its only recently that ive built the new case and started assembling things. The goal is to simple put it down, connect power, and an antenna and im ready to operate, no messing around with leads c
connecting up boxes.

Ignore the 'rough' looking holes etc in the front panel, when everything is installed and connected up, i will be doing a reverse engraved set of front panels in grey to go over the black panels.