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29th Apr 2015, 20:19
This is my usual kit: FT-857, LDG YT-100 plus and FT-60 for 2m/70cm repeaters. 40m Dipole (or Doublet fed via 17m 300-ohm slotted) with a 2m Slim-Jim about 2/3 up the pole. The tablet is a cheap Android unit running my own logging app.


I've also got one of those LMK copper frames :) 7Ah or 12Ah SLABs can be carried. I can operate on 40m SSB at 100w for about 2-hours on the 7Ah cell.


I don't drive, so everything I take is carried on the back of the mountain bike. My /P page is here: M0PZT.com - Amateur Radio | Chelmsford, Essex JO01FS (http://www.m0pzt.com/?portable)

29th Apr 2015, 21:11
Very smart Charlie. I especially like the carry frame :p

I have an android tablet that I wanted to use for /P data modes but the headphone jack is only TRS so no mic input.

29th Apr 2015, 21:27
The frame is great - especially when I'm out on my own sitting on the small fishing stool (£3, Sports-Direct) and want the station "self-contained". Also useful for when the sun moves and I can just pick it up and keep it in the shade under a convenient tree. The frame will be getting an airing at the Chelmsford Club this Tuesday evening for my "Operating Portable" talk. Interestingly, the bag in my 1st picture was rescued from the family loft that contained an old camcorder - It fits the FT-857 plus cables, balun and 7Ah SLAB or auto-ATU. I'll use this bag if I'm on the bike and meeting others - who usually have some table space :)

If we're driving, I'll use a Maplin flight-case:


Those with an FT-817 can use the "small" Maplin flight-case and the following shows my 2012 QRP kit - the top-right-hand item is one of those 10000mAh Lithium powerbanks. I could get about 4-hours SSB time on that.


As for tablets and datamodes - If you're OK with a Windows 8 tablet, the cheap "Linx" model that Staples offer has the 4-pole socket. That should work fine alongside "DigiVOX" on the FT-857. For now, I have to lug the 15" laptop with me for outdoor data.

30th Apr 2015, 08:00
That tablet sounds good.

I'll take a look next time I'm near a Staples.

10th Jul 2016, 14:03
Some changes to the /P kit over the past few months - A KX3 found its way into my kit-bag so that's now the QRP/CW radio of choice. A homebrew Linked Dipole (http://www.m0pzt.com/blog/hf-linked-dipole/) has also been made-up. Some of our group efforts at Galleywood make it possible for me to operate in relative comfort: I am often able to perch on the end of a table and, if required, plug into a larger battery if I have the 857 with me. For time when I'm on my own or the site doesn't have any existing "furniture", I picked-up a little table (http://cpc.farnell.com/yellowstone/ft038/low-level-folding-table/dp/LH04459?MER=e-bb45-00001002) and small'ish chair (http://cpc.farnell.com/summit/634005/folding-stool-with-backrest-blue/dp/LH04497) from CPC. The challenge was to find a combination that was small enough to fit into my existing bike panniers but also comfy - the £3 tripod stool that I had been using was, at best, a "30min at a time" solution.

I've got also got myself a (long overdue) DD Solo Tarp plus some cheap interlocking tubes - the picture below shows a pair of Andes walking-poles. 130cm at best, but 100g heavier than the metal poles so I've got another set of those coming to replace them. There's a fair bit of room under there and certainly enough to keep me and the equipment away from too much direct sunlight.

The next stage is to replace the 7Ah SLAB with something lighter - possibly a set of 10Ah cells in a custom case (very G0DZB!). I was thinking of getting a "Zippy" but there will be times when I want to use the 857 and having a good (but light) 10Ah would be useful. My other SLAB, a 12Ah, only comes out for special occasions :p

Details of the latest outing are on my blog: http://www.m0pzt.com/blog/p-fun-in-the-sun/