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1st May 2015, 21:15
I built my original FT-857 based manpack back in 2013. The original post is on my blog here...

FT-857 Portable Manpack | M0LMK (http://www.m0lmk.co.uk/2013/11/13/ft-857-portable-manpack/)

It's been in heavy use over the past 18 months and has had a few modifications along the way so I thought I better update my blog with the details. Here is how it looks today...

FT-857 Manpack revisited | M0LMK (http://www.m0lmk.co.uk/2015/05/01/ft-857-manpack-revisited/)

So that's one of my /P stations. Just pick up the bag and go!

2nd May 2015, 03:55
Interesting. I may build a copper pipe frame like that for my Alinco DX-70TH which will make a nice /P radio. It is small physically and it can be set for 5 or 50 watts so it should work fine for battery operation. I feel a project coming on. (o:

Thanks for posting.


2nd May 2015, 11:12
Let me know if you would like a copy of the CAD drawings. I've given away over 100 of them now!

I love the frame. It's strong and protects the radio from knocks and bumps. Simple to make and modify to almost any radio and holds all of your accessories too. The fishing reel counterpoise is just so simple to use and prevents having tangled wires too!

2nd May 2015, 17:03
HI Matt

Sure!!! I would like the drawings. It would save me lots of time figuring out dimensions. My DX-70TH is similar in size to the FT-817. Is it something you can e-mail? If so my e-mail is wd5ikx (at) juno.com



2nd May 2015, 17:07

Let me know if you have any questions.

3rd May 2015, 00:47
Got it! Great info on your blog too.



5th May 2015, 23:39
Look who got a name-check in my "Operating Portable" talk at tonight's meeting of the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society... :)
Oh, and here's my frame after a session with a blow-torch and a spray-paint:
PS: The answer to my teaser is 3.8m
(edit) If you click those images, they'll get bigger

6th May 2015, 19:04
nice job Charlie and Matt,
Like them lots.

6th May 2015, 19:16
Look at me Ma! I'm famous!

How did it go Charlie? I'm giving a /P talk at the local club in a few weeks. Any tips?

6th May 2015, 21:28
There were also links to ARPOC and RaDAR, too :)

It went really well, 52 in the room and I managed to prattle-on for about an hour. I guess you need to pitch it to the audience you are expecting. We had a fair bit of "kit" on the table at the front but did stress that a lot of it wasn't essential, and that you acquire useful "gubbins" over time. A provisional write-up is on the CARS site with more to be added shortly: CARS, Past Club Meetings in 2015, April, May, June (http://www.g0mwt.org.uk/meetings/past15-apr-jun/index.htm#May)

1st Jul 2015, 14:40
Looks Great!!! :)

4th Aug 2015, 12:15
Thanks Lin. It gets a lot of use and works very well.

I'll be making a few more mods to it soon including adding bluetooth cat control and rerouting the power connectors so the battery can be charged in the bag.

4th Aug 2015, 12:52
Those Zippy LiFePO4s are great arn't they ! I modified the foam in my KX3 carry case so that the battery fits in there as well :-)

4th Aug 2015, 13:20
Yes Peter, I love them. They could have been made for /P equipment!

I'm planning of getting another one soon so I can have twice the operating time :)