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1st Apr 2015, 20:37
Hi, I'm Matt and I built the Amatuer Radio Portable Operator (http://www.portableop.org) award scheme.

The aim of this forum is to encourage amatuer radio operators to get outside in the fresh air and work the world. There are a whole bunch of awards that can be earned and no, you don't have to climb a mountain to get one.

I would love your feedback about the website, forum and the award scheme. Feel free to put a post here or send me a PM with your thoughts.

22nd Apr 2015, 15:42
Hi Matt. Thanks for taking the trouble to get ARPOC up and running. Hopefully it will build up into a useful resource and community for those of us interested in portable ops.
Simon 2E0CRV

22nd Apr 2015, 17:00
Thanks Simon.

I only put the bits together and built it. It's down to you guys to mould it into the club you want. ;)

There are still a few things to put in. We have a spot system on the way so you can post alerts for /P activations and I'm always open to hear suggestions for improvements and extras...