View Full Version : Greetings from Colchester

24th May 2015, 22:48

John, 9H5G here. At Colchester in Essex at the moment. Off back to 9H at the end of the week. Licensed about 2 years, almost always /P, I usually use a 10m fishing pole or a 12m spiderpole with vertical dipoles for the higher bands and an inverted V for the lower bands. I'm currently experimenting with a loaded vertical for a very portable 80m /P as well.

25th May 2015, 00:42
Welcome. Always like to see new faces. I am in the states myself. Maybe we can work each other DX sometime. 73's

25th May 2015, 08:15
Thanks for the welcome, Steve. I look forward to working you from 9H. I'm hoping to have an announcement about a bigger 'beachside' island activation there in a few days.

25th May 2015, 10:12
Welcome to ARPOC John.

I'm one of your Twitter stalkers so it's great to see you here. :o