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30th May 2015, 14:45
I am looking fo a way to mount my IC-706 in my car and also my van so that it is easy to swop over between the 2. In the car it can go in the rear and in the van in the cab.
It is on a bit of wood held on with cable ties wit my LDG Z11 pro 11 on top.
Any ideas.

31st May 2015, 07:41
A bit off the wall but you could build a frame using 15mm copper pipe like my man pack and then maybe fix some 15mm pipe clamps (push on type) in the car and van so you can just clip the entire frame into place. Has the added advantage of protecting the radio from knocks and bumps.

Another method would be to find a couple of the CB style sliding mounting brackets...

31st May 2015, 11:38
I have got an old slide mount but I think the copper pipe frame would be good. In the car the radio will be in the back behind the wheel arck so the clips won't be in the way and in the van I could make another frame with a bit of wood on it to use as a table.