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4th Jun 2015, 16:41
All my transceivers can be condensed in only two backpacks and in one small picture:


What is not shown in this pictures are the two multiband whip antennas, MAAS HVT-400 and PROXEL PRO-X1. Both are very similar, the only differences being in the length of the whip set for an used band.


But, my basic backpack contains the FT817, LDG Z817, a whip antenna, a Li-Ion battery, a small CW key, a passive interface for PSK digital mode and the VHF/UHF handheld, mainly for APRS via digipeaters or ISS. For both digital modes (PSK and APRS) I use two small Android devices. By the way, I think that the Android (or iOS) software could be an interesting topic in this forum for portable activities :-)

With best 73 ! de Catalin, YO3FVR

6th Jun 2015, 10:35
Looks like a nice neat set up you have there.

Which interface do you use with the Andriod? Homebrew or commercial?

6th Jun 2015, 17:10
Here is my 'beachside' setup.

It packs into a Maplin Ally case - K3/100, power leads, audio interface, headset and footswitch. I take a battery and the laptop along in one of those Tesco hessian bags. The pole is a 12m Spiderpole and I have a variety of end-fed vertical dipoles for beachside ops.


And here it is set up at Jamaica Cay, Acklins Island, NA-113

6th Jun 2015, 23:32
Looks like a nice neat set up you have there.

Which interface do you use with the Andriod? Homebrew or commercial?

I use a homebrew passive interface, with one capacitor and one voltage divider on each way. I choose this very simple solution while I use only an Android device for digital modes (PSK31 & PSK63).

6th Jun 2015, 23:37
Great setup John, tnx for sharing pictures ! I'm looking also here to find such an aluminum briefcase. Best 73!

29th Sep 2015, 21:34
I'm looking also here to find such an aluminum briefcase.
Nice setup Catalin! I like that you have also a DX 5000. It's a great rig! I have an Avanti Grande based on the same platform and it's awesome.
Speaking about briefcases, I found exactly the same model as you can see in John's pictures at Baumax here, in YO. And it's good to try also Auchan, they had some time ago a set made of three briefcases that enters each one in the others. The bigger one is the same as the one you can find at Baumax. Price would be for both proposals around 150 RON. If you can find the set of three briefcases, I'm also interested. Good luck!

29th Sep 2015, 22:59
Hello Sorin and thanks for your comments ! I'm looking every day for 10m condx, in order to go out with the DX5000, but it seems that I still have to wait... Regarding the briefcase, yes, I see it in Baumax, but the providing pieces for arranging the spaces are not enough for a best configuration. More different types can be found in the Conex Electronic store: http://www.conexelectronic.ro/produse.php?id=411. But, same issue, regarding the pieces for internal space organizing. Two month ago, I bought from Auchan a bag from photo/camera device, containing a sponge which can be easily cut and create any desired shape (the sponge is made from small cubic pieces, softly glued together). This bag hosts now the PFR-3 QRP Transciver, cables and connectors. Now, I'm searching form where can I buy such sponge and after that I will looking for the best briefcase. Best 73! de Catalin, YO3FVR

30th Sep 2015, 11:03
Wow! Nice info about the Conex store! I saw a little black briefcase that will fits my needs.
Another info for you: you can make your own size of a briefcase, with internal sponge designed specific for your devices, right near you in Bucharest: http://www.flightcase-romania.ro/ I saw some of their products and I was surprised about the high quality of the materials and the precision of the details. I am thinking myself to design a briefcase for portable activations, with everything inside: transceiver, tuner, power source, maybe even batteries, all of them imersed in sponge.

7th Oct 2015, 08:50
TNX for link, Sorin ! Meanwhile, I found a RO site which can provide the precuted foam, to customize your empty case: http://www.westbuy.ro/camere-dslr-filmmaking/obiective-vdslr/accesorii-obiective/samyang-universal-cubed-foam-insert-for-vdslr-case-s-pick-and-pluck-replacement-.html. Togher with this case (http://www.conexelectronic.ro/produs.php?id=140475) could be a nice combination.