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7th Jun 2015, 21:01
My portable kit is all mounted on a board with a handle. The KX3 and panadapter are on a smaller board affixed with wing nuts to the larger board. In the field I leave everything on the board. At home in my office I detach the smaller board to make best use of desk space. I am using a LiFe battery which is incredibly light. If I am going to an area with picnic tables, all I bring is the shack on a plank, and my antenna bag. I find it easier to get up and go portable since I don't have to do any unplugging and subsequent plugging. Sounds lazy and it is, but I also like to build systems like this.

I am looking for a good name for this set-up. Shack on a Plank works, but I would like something more resonant. Rig on a Stick doesn't quite do it either! Any suggestions?

Lazy Davy

7th Jun 2015, 21:22
Very nice setup Dave. One thing I would suggest .... Have you tried running two speakers ? I have a pair of these : http://thepihut.com/products/mini-portable-speaker-for-the-raspberry-pi (other branded versions are available) and running them with the "delay" audio effect turned on produces a very interesting "sound field" which I find very easy to listen to.

I have a KXPA-100 as well but more often than not when out /P it stays in a box unused.

7th Jun 2015, 21:32
Thanks Peter!

I am considering what you suggested. I do like the 'sound field' effects when I use headphones. The speaker I use has DSP noise reduction which I use most frequently when there are a lot of 'tuner uppers' while working a DX station. But frankly the reason I put it on this system was because I had it sitting unused on a shelf <g>. Most of my portable Ops are with friends after a 'hams and eggs' breakfast meeting, and the tiny KX3 speaker was too small for the group to hear without turning it up creating buzzing and other distortion.

Thanks to you and your comment, I will start working on a dual speaker set-up!

73 as well

15th Jun 2015, 18:01
I love it! Great mounting idea.

Do you have a case for it?

15th Jun 2015, 18:14

No case for it yet. I am considering one, but for now I cover it with a towel when in the car (it is belted in as well). In the park I keep the towel handy in case it starts to drizzle. A 'raincoat' cover would be great for me. ANother member of our KX3 group plans to make something like this that fits inside a PLANO or Pelican case, lift in, lift out. I am happy without a case for protection, just want a raincoat for it. (KX3 on a tree)

15th Jun 2015, 18:58
A Peli case would be great for it. Lots of protection for when on the move too. I found my FT-857 got pretty bashed up before I had protected in a frame/bag.

Good idea about a rain cover. You can get rain covers for backpacks that have an elastic edge that may work well. I have something like this for my manpack...


5th Feb 2016, 22:22
All aboard for the Ham Shack!