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14th Jun 2015, 16:24
Rule 4 says A minimum of call sign, locator and signal report in RS(T) format must be passed by both stations.
If the other station uses VHF and up they will most likely have their Maidenhead locator square to hand but some operators my not, what can we do if this situation arises.

14th Jun 2015, 16:27
Any form of locator/location is acceptable.

14th Jun 2015, 17:23
Thanks Matt.
I have an app on my phone that gives me my location to the spot I am standing on.
IN89QK39uf :confused:

14th Jun 2015, 17:39
You'll fit right in with RaDAR !
"RaDAR promotes the use of navigation principles and grid locators to 10 character accuracy or even finer latitude / longitude detail."

14th Jun 2015, 17:51
I think a 10 digit locator may be a bit excessive for our needs!

16th Jun 2015, 09:27
I use an Android app called "Locator" which plots the squares over a GoogleMap to give you a locator to that level of accuracy. Handy for when I eventually go GHz /P :)

As an aside, it's amazing how often we don't know where we are and particularly those of us who use 2 or 3 locations. Both mine are in different Locator Squares to the home QTH and one of them has a different WAB Square. Luckily, mine are written on the front of the logbook so it only takes a second or so of "err, urmmm" while I double-check when asked. I don't believe I've seen an Android-friendly WAB Square app without having to navigate a browser and map interface. Less than ideal: data intensive and I'd rather a simple input box where I can put a post-code or Locator Square.

16th Jun 2015, 09:52
I use this one to get my WAB square on the Android phone...


Very simple.

16th Jun 2015, 12:06
I use 'HamSquare' for /P on my iPad - it also gives Lat/Long and the price point is excellent - (free) :o

16th Jun 2015, 16:07
I tried looking up 'Locator' in the google app store and got about 50 different apps none of which seemed to correspond to the one you mention - neither were any of them just called 'locator' either - any chance you could be a bit more specific please?

16th Jun 2015, 17:37
This is the locator app that I use.


16th Jun 2015, 20:27
Proper name is "QTH Locator", black icon with QTH inside the box and "Locator" underneath. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.arbeiterwaschmaschine

If you enable your GPS when you use it, it'll give you distance+bearing to any distant point on the map.

16th Jun 2015, 20:29
This is the one I use.


17th Jun 2015, 08:52
Thanks Matt,

Thats the one that I found as well by chance, and decided it looked useful anyway...

2nd Jul 2015, 23:14
I think that I will have to use the full locator or it will look like I have been operating from the same place. There is only 4 main squares covering Guernsey.


3rd Jul 2015, 14:50
Any QTH is acceptable. "Locator" means "Location". Thats all. Its just a way of getting a "full" QSO really, adds to the challenge and the fun