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14th Jun 2015, 22:24
Hi all,
I am trying to narrow down my decision for a new portable rig and want to gauge the opinions of the group here.

I have had two 817's in the past and got fed up with them and sold them both. The main reason being that I am a former second row rugby player and have quite big hands which made them fiddly to operate. I also have a disability that has impaired my eyesight so the screen in sunlight was difficult.

I would love a KX3 but cannot justify spending that much. Whilst the rig will be used portable, it will also be used at home as well as an addition to my TS590. This has me leaning towards a 857, but with its higher standby power demand, what batteries might give me a fighting chance of using it at 10watts for an hour or two?

The other reason for having the 100 watt capability is that I will be running the local JOTA event later in the year and I can kill two birds with one stone.

I will welcome any advice from the user group.


14th Jun 2015, 22:59
I use a 8AH LiFePo4 pack with my 857 in the man pack I built. Easy to get a few hours at 100W out and nice and light too. A 4 cell LiFePo4 could have been invented for /P with its perfect voltage and shallow discharge curve.

14th Jun 2015, 23:20

Have a scan through this forum message string, http://www.arpoc.org/power/240-battery-questions.html

It may help you decide on the battery power question.

I have the FT 817, 857 & 897, so have the luxury of choice of rigs to suit the operating circumstances.
The 817 gets lots of use for ARPOC activity, the 897 at home & special event stations as well as QRO /p using a 110amp SLAB. The 857 is waiting installation in the car at some point soon, but gets temporary use at the moment.

I'm also looking at using an Android tablet to control the rigs & do logging, a large screen android may give you easier control of the smaller, fiddly rigs. May be worth exploring.


15th Jun 2015, 08:35
Thanks for the replies gents.
I will check out the thread and see what info I can glean from it. I also like the idea of using the android tablet to control the 817, I had,nt thought about that. The only issue being is that I am an ios man and would need to source an adroid device as well.

Thanks for the info

15th Jun 2015, 08:49
I'm sure you can use an iPad too :)