View Full Version : Best antenna mount for 2M/70cm

15th Jun 2015, 18:10
I'm looking for a new mount for a dual band antenna on the car. It's a hatchback and I want a mount the won't bend or damage the bodywork (I drilled a hole in the last car and put the antenna bang in the middle of the roof!).

Any recommendations?

15th Jun 2015, 20:37
(I drilled a hole in the last car and put the antenna bang in the middle of the roof!).

Go on you know you want to. Get the drill out. :o

16th Jun 2015, 08:57
The more I think about it, the more I'm tempted!

Nothing beat having a solid fixed mounting on the last car. Was great for testing the HF whip that I'm currently building.

16th Jun 2015, 11:21
TBH, I really think you get what you pay for! I can't/won't drill a hole in the roof of my van - its fibreglass and I have no intention of compromising the integrity of the waterproof seal! I have just enough space to plonk a medium size mag mount right at the rear of the van in the middle. The only problem with this is every time you open the back doors it falls off and has on occasion caught the unwary a clout on the head (hurts a lot)! Fortunately, I recently noted that there are two recesses at the very rear of what was the original metal roof, certainly big enough to allow me to put a 'hatch back mount' on. I had one of these years ago and when properly fitted are rock solid and a better bet than a mag mount.

The only vehicle I ever drilled a mounting for was a friends Ford Escort Van - which had no roof lining in the back anyway - we stuck a bloomin' great tank spring mount on the top with a 10m quarter wave; well it looked cool in our eyes at the time lol.

These days my biggest problem is my own lead foot! I have noted on one or two occasions that on arrival at a destination my antenna has 'folded' back on the built in hinge mechanism designed to allow you to drive into a garage and not have to remove the antenna! Best slow down me thinks :)