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16th Jun 2015, 23:55
I have a 24ah battery and it says on it that the max charge rate is 6 amps. How can I limit the charge rate when charging in the car.

17th Jun 2015, 09:08
What kind of battery is it Jes?

17th Jun 2015, 13:37

When I had a similar one to this a few years ago I just plugged it into the accessory socket in my car and then later on fitted a switch on the dash. I did have a meter in line to start with but it never drew too much.

The plan is to fit a leisure battery in the car when the funds are a bit better but for now it is make do.

17th Jun 2015, 15:19
You could get one of the LiPo/LiFePo/Pb chargers, they will run off the car supply and will charge the battery correctly, plus can be used for other battery types down the line too.

Look at the Imax B6 or similar on ebay, they're generally a good price and pretty reliable.

17th Jun 2015, 22:13
Thanks Stefan. I had a look on ebay but I didn't see any mention of sealed lead acid batteries. I may just use it portable, I would need a relay in line so that the radio would get it's power from the car battery when driving and connect the charger.
I have just thought of someone I can ask. A quick trip to PlanetNikon I think.

18th Jun 2015, 00:36
This is one of the batteries I use when I want to travel relatively light. It is a 12 V 18 Ah SLAB and it lasts for hours at 5 or 10 watts SSB and will even work for a long time if I want to bump it up to 50 watts SSB.


This battery is easy to charge from my solar panel system or with a small AC powered charger at home. I have also plugged it into the lighter plug in the truck to top it off when traveling.
I plan to use this battery on my "back pack radio" I am building.


18th Jun 2015, 15:22
Get this

It has a menu for "Pb" which is the one you set it to. I use batteries in models a lot and have several such chargers: the menus are identical.

Trust me, get one.


18th Jun 2015, 19:06
Get a LiFePO4 pack and you won't ever want anything Pb based again !

18th Jun 2015, 19:42
Yes, I fully agree...but thats not what the Op asked!

Since the chap is fitting a liesure battery in the car though he doesnt seem to be planning on walking too far, so why spend money on higher chemistry when cheap lead will do? I wouldnt. Mind you, a liesure battery also suggests higher power and I cant fathom that either...whats wrong with 4 watts? Still, each to his own.


18th Jun 2015, 19:50
I love my LifePO4 packs but I still think I would go for a large leisure battery in the car.

Back to the OP, this is what you need...


It will charge the battery at a max of 1.5A and will stop charging when it reaches 13.8V. Made for your job.

18th Jun 2015, 20:59
Well in my van I have a 120ah battery (see post in mobile matters) and I hope to also fit a leisure battery in the car. The 24ah will be used portable but I will still want to charge it in the car/van.
I live in a flat and can't always park right out side of it and if I do it's a case of hanging a cable out of the window of the flat if I need power outside.
I do have a solar panel but it is only a 4.8 watt (Sealey SEASPP03).
Money is very short at the moment so it is a case of making do for now.