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18th Jun 2015, 23:31
Free on street parking. Slope down to concrete esplanade. Limited railings. Stony, rocky beach almost disappears at high water. Grass area behind sea defences at beach level offers an alternative op position or back up on the grassy cliff top, couple of shelters make nice op locations. Especially the one in TQ36 as its almost a compltely wet square for WAB.

Find it on the map! (http://www.arpoc.org/locations.php?id=35)

19th Jun 2015, 13:51
Please use something more helpful as the title. "XXXXXXXX Bay" could be anywhere !

19th Jun 2015, 16:40
These forum entries are generated from the 'locations map', so in general the text is viewed on the map so the reader knows exactly where the location is!


19th Jun 2015, 18:40
So how come some have useful titles like "Shoebury East Beach" and "Marsalforn Promenade" which atleast give you an idea where they are in the world !?
Having to clicking on the "Find it on the map" and then zooming out many times to even find out which part of the country it is in in makes it less useful.

22nd Jun 2015, 08:59
Peter, all of the first posts in this section are generated automatically when a new location is added to the map. The location names make sense when viewed on the map but you make a valid point about the titles when viewing them from this section. The map is a new feature and I am open to suggestions on how to improve it.

Please make a post in the Club and Website Suggestions forum and let me know what you think it needs (lower zoom level on map when clicking the location, locator in title, etc..) - http://www.arpoc.org/forum36/

22nd Jun 2015, 17:50
Peter, the first google page shows THE Grenham bay quite clearly.

Shoebury east Beach is ONLY useful if you know where Shoebury is. If you KNOW where Grenham is, Grenham Bay is just as useful.


22nd Jun 2015, 20:24
Which is exactly my point ! The descriptions need to be such that the location is obvious WITHOUT clicking on the link to the map. I'm not going to click on the link for every new location just to find out it is half way round the world !

22nd Jun 2015, 20:30
Hmm, okay I see your argument but cant support it. Why not click on the map and have a look where it is and what its like? Just out of curiosity? Each to his own, but I find the maps fascinating.


22nd Jun 2015, 20:36
Ckick link to map, zoom out several times to see where in the world it is OR read a meaningful description ? No contest in my mind ! Not putting a meaningful description is just lazyness.

23rd Jun 2015, 00:12
Peter, I can understand your argument, in that you are starting at the forum posting.
However, I believe that the original intention was that the map was the starting point. That is, an amateur visiting an area or planning to visit an area could check out the map to see if anyone had operated in the vicinity. They then would have some local info to use to aid their operations.
'Laziness', it's a bit like saying "the moons further away with this telescope than when using the naked eye", turn it round, it works better that way.
Respond to Matt's posting#5 in this thread.