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25th Jun 2015, 16:27
Hi All,

Actually it's England calling from France as you may have guessed from the user name.

I am as near as makes no odds 69 and have been playing radio on and off since I was 11.

We moved to France 10 years ago and last year I found out that I had Thyroid Cancer. My wife, bless her little cotton socks, suggested that I find a new hobby and I thought about radio. Long story short, I recently acquired a Flex 6300 and now spend a lot of time playing with it and warming the airwaves. Unfortunately my wife does not like aerials but has allowed me to have a Cobwebb and a 40/80 dipole so I do get out.

But I want more and I recently worked EA5ON/M and he has inspired me to look at /P.

So, I am now looking at getting my Flex, tuner and PC in to the car and going off to the seaside for the odd day here and there.

So if you hear F4VQP/P (or not /P) please give me a call, I'll be concentrating on 20/15/10 to begin with.

73 all


PS The tumour has now been removed and left me with a fairly raspy voice.

25th Jun 2015, 16:33
HI Tim

Welcome to the group. You might want to add 17 meters to the list. It is one of my favorite bands for mobile and portable ops.

Hope to catch you on the bands.


25th Jun 2015, 20:49
Welcome Tim.
That's it, get out and about. We may be using modern transceivers but I think that portable is more in the spirit of amature radio as it use to be.

26th Jun 2015, 10:23
Welcome to the club Tim.

I live on on the Kent Coast just 27 miles away from the coast of France. What are the chances of a UK <-> France QSO /P on 2M or 70cm across the water? May make an interesting day out.

26th Jun 2015, 10:41
Bearing in mind Dover - Calais is an optical path on a clear day I should thing it would be quite straight forward on VHF ?

26th Jun 2015, 11:10
Should be. The hardest part is finding a station on 2M or 70cm to have a QSO with!

2nd Jul 2015, 03:22
I'm out of the 2M party but would love to talk on 20M. :D