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8th Apr 2015, 18:43
My name is John, callsign G8TDU (totally dense and useless:p) I have worked in engineering for most of my life, and when i wasnt in engineering i worked for local government. But that, by no stretch of the imagination could be called working:D

One of my hobbies is camping, and i enjoy nothing more then a relaxing evening with a can or two and a leisurely chat on the air.

My other passion is homebrew construction, and you can often find me at Hamradio.construction (http://hamradio.construction/)

I retired early 5 years ago, and then became involved with a university, where i now teach electronics, engineering and renewable energy, mainly solar.

73's John

8th Apr 2015, 20:31
Great to have you along John. :D

9th Apr 2015, 18:52
Great to have you along John. :D

Its great to be here, i do like portable operation, but i intend to approach this in a slightly different and unusual way, stay tuned as they say...;)

17th Apr 2015, 23:48
Welcome!l to the group John. I'm Kaz - M6WFY (wifey). Nice to 'meet' you ��