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22nd Jul 2015, 14:16
If you read my article on the UNUN and aerial I use you will see that my own antenna seems to be clad in a blue sleeve. This aerial is designed to be collapsible - it can be erected in about two minutes and dropped in less. It tunes all HF bands and despite the clever ones who know it cant work, consistently delivers DX. I made one for G7UFI this week and yesterday worked Alex, UR5LAM on 20m CW.

I can now supply these aerials, ununs and masts as a complete package for £110 posted top UK and Europe. You can buy this package and be up /P in minutes. (You will need a way of supporting your mast!! I use a "drive-on" stand).

UNUNs alone are £20 posted.


31st Jul 2015, 11:17
Just had this report from a happy, UK based, easy-up antenna customer..

Ok David just come back from dx on beach
So not bad on 20 m at 5:00 am this morning
Will check 40m over weekend


14th Aug 2015, 21:50
David what is the power rating of the UNUN (I may of missed it)