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31st Jul 2015, 06:40
Hello everybody !

Nice to discover a club specilized with "portable" operations.

Unfortunatly, I have no radio station at home, so my radio activities are reduce to few operations from F6KOP radio club, and portable operations from my differents family places in France, mainly near Nantes (french department n°44) and Saint-Jean-de-Monts (french department n°85).

For now, I'm only using a vertical CB antenna (Solarcom I-Max 2000) and since few weeks, I bought a nice second hand's R7 Cushcraft vertical antenna, wich works not bad. But I have a 5 bands Spiderbeam still waiting to be settled up... This should change the life, the "portable" life :cool:.

Interrested in radio since 14 years old, became ham in 1993 at 17 (FB1IJV) and got extra class in 1999 (F8IJV). Made my first DX'pedition in 2009 in Tunisia (TS7C) followed the same year with a honeymoon activation from Senegal (6V7Q), and renew the experience in 2011 (always with 6V7Q callsign).

Now, a new baby came here since last year, and it takes time hi ! Anyway, my daugther looks interested with Dad's radio rig ;o)

Hope to work you on the air soon !

Best regards to all of you, enjoy portable operation !

73 from Seb F8IJV/p


31st Jul 2015, 07:32
Welcome to the club Seb

31st Jul 2015, 08:09
Thanks Jes, I hope to work you on the air soon.


3rd Aug 2015, 03:50
Welcome to the club. I too don't have a station at home due to a very high noise floor. I do all portable and mobile and have a great time doing it.

Hope to work you at some point.

Texas, USA