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31st Jul 2015, 20:41
Depends on what type of portable activation I do, 3 different equipment sets can be used:

- for heavy portable activations (50...100W): manpack with Kenwood TS-50 transceiver, LDG AT-100Pro2 autotuner & 2 x Yuasa 8,5Ah batteries;

- for SOTA activations (15...25W): SG-2020 transceiver + LDG Z100 aautotuner + Yuasa 8,5Ah battery;

- for QRP activations (1...5W): Xiegu X1M transceiver + Elecraft T1 autotuner + 2,5Ah battery.

31st Jul 2015, 23:50
Looks like you are ready for any of type portable operation. What do you like to use for antennas?

Texas, USA

1st Aug 2015, 16:28
What do you like to use for antennas?

Depends of the type of activation / local conditions / propagation. I can choose between:
- 13,5m EFHW antenna helical wrapped around a 7m fishpole - works great above 20m;
- horizontal dipole made from 2 x MFJ 1956 telescopic antennas - easy to match perfectly from 15 to 6m;
- single element quad (Bambi) for 10m DX - a real raptor;
- Falcon Outback 1899 multiband vertical - works good on PM on the top of the manpack and also on /M from 40 to 6m;
- MFJ 1979 5m vertical telescopic antenna with MFJ 67 loading coil - works good from 40 to 6m.

Hope to find some time this year to build another antenna for portable, a linked dipole. In the beginning, only for 40 & 20m and to be developed later if satisfactory from 80 to 6m.

73 de YO2MSB Sorin

4th Aug 2015, 12:11
I was tempted by a complete SG-2020 man pack at a recent show. How do they perform Sorin?

4th Aug 2015, 21:30
How do they perform Sorin?
SG-2020 is an outstanding transceiver for portable: powerful modulation, very sensitive reception, built like a rock. You cannot fail with it. In the last 4 years I made more than 50 SOTA activations with it and no failure. 25W on the top of a mountain sometimes is more than 100W in your shack. I have no idea why SGC stops producing this transceiver. By my point of vue, a BIG error.