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5th Aug 2015, 11:36
I had a phone call the other evening from fellow club member & PO Allan G1JXI asking me what I thought about giving our actual power output when calling CQ?

Having spent the last couple of days working on the 'Life's a Beach' award, I initially thought it would just add to the mouthful I already use i.e. 'CQ,CQ,CQ, M0TCF/Portable QRP', however a little further thought and discussion actually lead us to come to the conclusion that it would be really rather a useful thing to do!

Okay so, 'CQ,CQ,CQ, M0TCF/Portable QRP' now becomes 'CQ,CQ,CQ, M0TCF/Portable QRP @ 2.5 Watts' or similar. I dunno about the rest of the club, but I find that a the 3 x 3 call (the above repeated 3 times) brings in a lot more contacts, which I firmly believe is because other operators have time to 'tune' me in, getting the best possible reception, so the little addition of power output would impact very little in the great shape of things. However this is not the end of the story by any means.

To anybody listening and logging for DX cluster purposes etc. the additional knowledge of the amount of power a station is putting out, taken in comparison to the quality of the signal received may well make for interesting reading - the greatest knock on effect might even be that QRO stations start to take notice and realise that they don't need to run Kilowatts to make good contacts.....(one can only dream)....... I've also found that many DXEpeditions & Special Event Stations have always been pleased to work me as a QRP station, its a two way thing literally lol, but there is certainly a sense of achievement on both sides, me forgetting through and them for hearing me :) The number of stations I worked recently who were, to put it mildly, amazed I was 'only' running 2.5Watts was surprising to me, there again QRP is one of the worst kept secrets in amateur radio lol....

Anybody got any thoughts on Allan's idea??

5th Aug 2015, 12:19
To me the question to ask is : "When calling CQ, does adding "running 2.5W" make your signal anymore readable at the far end ?"

It could be that QRO operators will ignore you because they expect you to disappear if there is any qsb !

5th Aug 2015, 12:53
Peter, I think you are right. Some qro ops refuse to work QRP stations anyway. I'm not sure what adding power will do: you've already told them you are running 5w or less.

Personally I hate looooong cq calls, the basic 3x3 is fine.

I fear adding "running 2.5w" will cause confusion too but I'd be interested in the OP reporting back on his success with the technique.


5th Aug 2015, 13:28
Bearing in mind I mostly operate on CW when portable, I find there is already some confusion when stations sign /P and /QRP. I never use /QRP myself but I have had a few stations reply to my calls and they add /QRP to my call when I'm signing /P. It seems using /QRP is more popular with mainland europe stations than UK stations.

To be fair I've also heard some QRO operators explicitly listen for calling QRP stations from time to time.

5th Aug 2015, 14:54
Sorry Peter, I was thinking in terms of cw, my only mode like you. I think the Europeans are allowed (required?) To sign /QRP whereas we are technically prohibited from doing so. Not that it matters.

Sending De gnxxx/p/QRP running 1.9watts takes a long-time in cw. Hence my main loooing cq call stance.


5th Aug 2015, 21:07
I can't see the value in it myself. If I can hear them, I'll try and work them no matter what power they are running. If I want to know, I'll ask :0

Give it a go Lin and let us know how you get on.

5th Feb 2019, 21:26
I usually call /Portable and mention QRP and power later.