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17th Sep 2015, 03:48
Hi All,

Really glad to see a club dedicated to operating portable! This is such a fun aspect of the hobby. I look forward to reading the posts and getting to know other members.

I live in Shorewood Minnesota and enjoy setting up my station in unique settings to operate portable, My Daughter Natalie (KCØZSO) is also a ham. Photo below of Natalie and I operating portable at a park reserve in Victoria, MN

I am the owner or a small company that manufactures tactical portable accessories for amateur radio and see this as a growing interest as apposed to bigger and more powerful stations.

My current portable gear consists of a Yaesu FT-857D, Yaesu 817ND, icom Ic-706, misc. other accessories and antennas.

Mike / WØMSN


17th Sep 2015, 12:03
WELCOME Mile and Natalie. Hope to work you sometime soon.
I will be operating from the three state marker of Colorado, Oklahoma and New Mexico this afternoon. Listen for me and N5NUK on 20 and 17 meters and possibly 40 meters. (SSB)


18th Sep 2015, 10:52
Hi Mike and welcome to ARPOC.

Don't forget to plug your business in the "Members Links" section... http://www.arpoc.org/forum57/

My own portable station design looks a little "tactical"...


19th Sep 2015, 04:06
Hey Matt.. Thanks for the heads up on the members links. Your portable station looks great! Nice work. We have a full manpack on the drawing board and hope to have something in production by spring 2016. Check out my QRZ page for some photos of my current products. What a great hobby this is!

Mike / WØMSN

20th Sep 2015, 15:35
Thanks Mike. I think a full manpack with space for an ATU and LiFePo4 battery using your mounting method would be a great product.