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29th Sep 2015, 20:49
Since me and some of my friends do some volunteering in emergency communications, my portable gear is inspired by Motorola's RDP and Transworld - Dantron TW100F portable packs.
I built 3 cases until now, 2 based on Yaesu FT 450 AT transceiver, and one based on Motorola Mobat 2.
First attempt - Yaesu FT 450 AT

590 - the one from the right :)

Second, based on Motorola Mobat, cancelled due to problems with the radio:


Actual setup,Yaesu FT 450 AT and Yaesu FT 7800 to cover VHF/UHF:


The small case contains 4 x Yuasa 12V, 8,5Ah accu.
All setups have a built-in 13.8v, 29A power supply operating at 230v/110v.

And some antennas - on vehicles (mine, on the middle)


73's from Romania
Calin, YO2MSP