View Full Version : Xiegu G90

5th Feb 2019, 21:38
I have one of these on order and it looks very promising.

Up to 20 watts out, and a built-in ATU.


Much excitement on the Xiegu Facebook group!

More info here (https://pileupdx.com/product/xiegu-g90-hf-20w-sdr-transceiver/)

9th Feb 2019, 11:31
I've been keeping my eye on that. It looks like a very interesting bit of kit.

Will you give us a review once you have it?

9th Feb 2019, 13:02
Yes.Will do. I haven't transmitted with more than 5 watts for years, so it will be interesting to see what 20 watts can do.

18th Feb 2019, 10:54
The G90 will be available from Sinotel sometime within the next fortnight.

19th Feb 2020, 19:12
You are going to love the G90 and its 20 watt output. My reports are only one S unit down from full power with my FT891. The difference between 5 watts and 20 watts are significant as you will be able to reliably make multi-thousand kilometer contacts even in bad conditions. You can also run digital at pretty high power due to the strong finals rating (40watts). It is also light enough to do man portable SOTA. It has a robust metal case with guards and runs quite a few hours on just a 5 amp battery. In addition, it is always being firmware upgraded as new features are added. This radio goes everywhere with me including international flights. Highly recommended.

Larry IU3JNT