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22nd Apr 2015, 16:16
The name is Alan, I live on the North side of Norwich & have been into portable operations since my teens when I used valves & a car battery to broadcast from woods, fields, the beach & various other locations.

22nd Apr 2015, 17:04
Welcome along Alan.

About time the UK contingent started to show up and represent!

Valve equipment on the beach is no mean feat!

22nd Apr 2015, 17:48
Portable ops using valve kit... more details please!!

22nd Apr 2015, 18:10
Back then I was not licensed & operating a land based unlicensed broadcast station mainly on 48 meters. Although at different times I did have a play with Medium Wave, VHF band 2 & Long Wave as well.
The main transmitters were a modified 19 set which I ran hot. That simply involved loading it into a dummy load for a few hours to warm it up & stabilise it. A self oscillating 807 TX & I at one time also had a pair of transmitters with an 807 as well as I think it was two EL84's & two ECC81's, which gave me around 20 watts of AM.
Now..I operate an FT-817, sometimes kite portable & sometimes into a selection of different antennas ranging from random wires to a MFJ small loop tuner to a miracle whip with some extra wire crocodile clipped to the top of the whip.

To misquote Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop. I have not always been an Amateur.