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24th Apr 2015, 18:34
I really would like to find a source for 50ft RG174 cables with PL259's on both ends. Really don't want to try and make my own if I can help it. Any ideas. Longest I have found is 25ft. I am in USA but With the internet I guess anyplace in the world is my shopping center.

24th Apr 2015, 22:14
Shame on you Steve. :p

Don't know much about Ham shops in the USA but over here in Guernsey they will make one up while you wait to the exact size.

It is only a small shop and their main business is marine electronics and PMR, but are licensed hams.

The problem with the larger shops is the lack of a personal service, if it's
not on the shelf you don't get it.

25th Apr 2015, 00:56
Lol. I figured that. But there are no ham shops within 200 miles of where I live. Closest is in Ohio.

25th Apr 2015, 02:08
I use RG8X for my portable operations. Using RG-174 introduces more loss and at QRP power levels you need all the power you can get. Yes it weighs more and is more bulky but I want power in the air.
I found this coax calculator Coax Calculator (http://www.qsl.net/co8tw/Coax_Calculator.htm) which is handy for figuring coax loss.

You micro station guys are probably ready to "string me up" with my RG8X but I am just saying what works for me. (o: LOL

John WD5IKX over in Texas

23rd Jun 2015, 21:17
Hi Hi - just pop in to say Hallo ! YES in deed - The best ever equipment is useless without the correct coax, year after year after year they out in the sun and the cold - always you find people spending their monies upgrading Towers Antennas New Radios all and all ,,and guess what ? we leave the coax - cause its still good Lol,, Sure you Hams know the lifespan of coax specially those driving a Kw + station, Good Old teachers told me once - boy , always remember - -the heart of your shack - is in the coax - ( so true ) cheers now - 73 All - -Cold 3*C 22:16 in BOTSWANA...Best Leon