Welcome to the ARPOC location system.

Use this page to view /P locations that have been added by our members. Click on a map pin to see details about the location and add your own comments.

Please follow these simple rules if you would like to add a location to the map:

1. Use a descriptive location name. Remember that the locations are also viewable in the forum where members can't see the map so give some idea of where it is in the name field. "Westgate Bay, Kent, UK" is a good example. "M0LMK's favourite /P spot" is a bad example.
2. Enter an accurate 6 digit maidenhead locator for the location.
3. Put as much detail as you can in the details field. Provide some details about ease of access, parking, best type of antenna to use from your experience, are there any trees to hand an antenna from, any local facilities (cafe, toilets) and any other local knowledge.

Only ARPOC members are allowed to add locations to the map.

Right Click to Drop a New Marker