Award Scheme Details

The ARPOC awards scheme aims to encourage operators to get out in the fresh air with their radio equipment and enjoy portable operating.

ARPOC has plenty of award certificates that can be applied for and are delivered as a downloadable certificate for members to print at home.

Claiming awards

ARPOC award certificates are individual A4 sized PDF documents that can be downloaded, printed and displayed on your shack wall. Each award certificate is different (although a few share the same background image where appropriate).

Downloadable award certificates are free for all members of ARPOC but it is appreciated if you consider becoming a full member. Full membership costs only £5 per year and helps to ensure that the awards scheme continues for future generations. You can find out about the different membership levels by clicking here.

Each award certificate has it's own section in the forums. To claim an award you must make a post in the relevant award forum and provide the information detailed in the "Award details and how to claim" announcement at the top of the award forum. Other members of ARPOC will be able to see that you are claiming an award but will not be able to see the content of your post so your favourite /P location can remain a secret! Only the awards moderators and ARPOC admin will be able to read your post.

Once your post has been submitted, one of our awards moderators will check to see that you have fulfilled the award criteria. If you have failed to meet the criteria, one of our award moderators will send you a PM explaining why and remove your post. If you have met the award criteria, one of our award moderators will create an award code for you. You will receive your award code and details about how to download your award certificate via email.

Award certificates

The requirements for claiming each award certificate are located in each specific award forum. Look for the "Announcement:" notice at the top of each forum. The award forums can be found by clicking here.

Award rules

The general award rules can be found in the rules forum. Click here to see them.