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Thread: Claiming awards

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    Claiming awards

    It's easy to claim your ARPOC awards. Just follow these simple steps:

    1. Create a new post in the forum for the award that you are claiming. Use your call sign as the title of the post. Only award moderators can see the content of your post.
    2. Put your proof in the post as detailed in the "Award details and how to claim" announcement at the top of the award forum.
    3. Once your post has been submitted, one of our awards moderators will check to see that you have fulfilled the award criteria.
    4. If you have failed to meet the criteria, one of our award moderators will send you a PM explaining why and remove your post.
    5. If you have met the award criteria, one of our award moderators will create an award code for you.
    6. You will receive your award code and details on how to download your award certificate via email.

    The Digital Award certificates are free for full members of ARPOC which helps to keep the award scheme running.
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