As I like to take the 857D for my SOTA activations on HF and I have seen my friend's 857D with a missing (broken off) select knob, I wanted to ensure my radio was protected in the rucksack.
To get going I was cocooning it in a smaller camera rucksack inside the main rucksack, but that is too bulky and adds too much weight.
My friend (same one that injection moulded me yagi element clips and guy rings) sent me some material called Foamex which is kind of halfway between foam and plastic. It's fairly rigid but you can dig your fingernail into it and leave a mark and it's fairly lightweight.

So I designed up something to make with it:
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The radio is fixed in the base and the top cover comes off.

This was the end result which although cosmetically I'm not 100% satisfied, functionally it works great and I am happy with that:

Full build details can be seen here:

It's had a couple of outings now and the raising and angle have proven to be very desirable in the tent.