hf vertical

  1. M0LMK

    The 80m "portable" phased vertical array!

    Once a year, I organise a mini dxpedition to a lovely farm in North Devon where we have access to a huge field and a few comfortable holiday cottages. The noise floor is very low and it's about 1 mile from the coast so it's a great spot for radio. The owner is great and we put up all sorts of...
  2. M0LMK

    The M0LMK "UglyBug"

    The M0LMK "UglyBug" antenna is designed as a multi band bug catcher style antenna for /M and /P operating. It's built from an old monoband HF mobile antenna from the Pro AM range (sometimes called Hamsticks) and 2 custom made air wound coils. The lower mast section of the is stripped of it's...
  3. M0LMK

    Best HF antenna for portable use?

    What do you think is the best all round HF antenna for portable use? I'm currently favouring the linked dipole with a 10M push up mast although the mast can be a little cumbersome. Any other options?