• The "Portable Professional - Bronze Award" is many operators first award for portable operating. The criteria for gaining this award are as follows:

    • Only activations that have taken place after your ARPOC joining date are valid for claiming awards
    • Operate a station from 5 different portable locations (see section B of the Award Rules for the definition of a "portable location")
    • Complete a standard exchange with at least one station from each location (see section B of the Award Rules for the definition of a "standard exchange")

    To claim the award, applicants must:

    • Read the award rules before claiming an award - https://www.arpoc.org/rules/18-award-rules.html
    • Create a new thread in this forum section using their call sign as the title
    • Provide the date for each activation
    • Provide the name for each portable location
    • Provide the location of each portable location using the Maidenhead locator (6 digit) or GPS signed degrees format (DDD.dddd)
    • Provide at least one photograph showing their station and it's surroundings at each portable location

    Once an application has been verified, the applicant will receive a unique code that they may then use to download the award certificate via the awards portal.

HF Only & SSB Only 2I0SEH


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Was out on a failed SOTA Activation of GI/CA-002, but only got a single QSO on a crowded band where everyone shouted over me.

Location of Activation: J 049253

Freq: 7.124MHz
Time: 12:14pm
Date: 30/10/15
Rec. Rpt.: 5/7
Sent Rpt.:5/8


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2nd Location in Today's Outing.

Location: Greencastle, Co. Down 054.0380N, 006.0932W
Date: 30/10/15
Time: 14:00 - 16:30GMT
Radio: Yaesu FT-817
Antenna: SotaBeams Linked Dipole


DG5MLA 14.256MHz 14:42 Rcvd 5/5 Sent 5/8
LY5AT 14.285MHz 14:51 Rcvd 5/5 Sent 5/9
SQ3ODP 14.303MHz 15:41 Rcvd 5/5 Sent 5/8
DL60STATUT 14.224MHz 15:38 Rcvd 5/7 Sent 5/9+
ON130CLAES 14.279MHz 15:44 Rcvd 5/5 Sent 5/9
5P0O 14.244MHz 16:19 Rcvd 5/9 Sent 5/8