A little something I threw together.


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I have moved my FT817 to my computer desk and found it hard to see. So I started cutting up some 1/4 inch (6mm) Baltic Birch Plywood. And this is what I came up with. A happy accident it that the battery I use for portable fits inside it and since it is open on the back side I will be able to just insert the battery in and hook it up.
FT817 carrier 1.jpgFT817 carrier 2.jpg


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Nice setup there Steve and looks like your receiving some big signals on 40M. I have an MFJ-971 ATU but as I have two 817's I'm tempted by the LDG Z817 ATU as I believe that covers 50MHz (6M).

73 Chris M0RSF


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Ya I think it does to. I haven't tried 6 but mine loads from 80 to 10 on a single end feed dipole. Great little atu


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That's a nice compact stand Steve. How is it to use. I don't think I could handle my VFO knob that high off the desk!