A Texas sized hello!


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Hey everyone! I look forward to gathering intel from the hive mind of portable operators here. Not really sure how I wound up here, one moment I was on QRZ.com and the next I was on the homepage for this club. I must have a clicked a link accidentally. How serendipitous as I am all about portable ops. I am a newly upgraded General as of January 2019. Take a moment to review my QRZ page: https://www.qrz.com/db/K5AMJ

73 de K5AMJ


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Welcome to ARPOC and congratulation on your recent General pass!

You've got some great images on your QRZ page.


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I'm new too. Lots of great photos on your QRZ page. The spot by the water is beautiful.

I'm a pilot too, but I just fly for my own enjoyment.