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Aloha everyone.

I live in a Home Owners Association restricted neighborhood that bans all forms of outdoor antennas at my house so I am attempting to get a portable setup designed that I can use on the beach or at parks, etc.

The hardest thing to figure out for me with be the electrical situation without having to carry a generator with me as I am not set up for QRP work. I am an EmComms operator so my go kit contains a Yaesu 857D for HF, a BTech 50X2 for 2Meter and 70CM, an Alinco DR-235 Mk III for 1.25M along with a digital scanner, Galaxy 959b AM/SSB CB radio, Midland 40 watt FRS/GMRS radio, along with Air and Marine band radios all stuffed into a 12U Gator Case mobile rack.

I just received a 100-watt solar panel and a 400-watt wind turbine that I will be trying to design a portable setup for. I am trying to determine how many batteries I will need, and the best way to go about creating a battery bank that will still be portable. For now I use a 2,000 watt inverter generator for portability.