• The "Portable Professional - Silver Award" is many operators first award for portable operating. The criteria for gaining this award are as follows:

    • Only activations that have taken place after your ARPOC joining date are valid for claiming awards
    • Operate a station from 10 different portable locations (see section B of the Award Rules for the definition of a "portable location")
    • Complete a standard exchange with at least one station from each location (see section B of the Award Rules for the definition of a "standard exchange")

    To claim the award, applicants must:

    • Read the award rules before claiming an award - https://www.arpoc.org/rules/18-award-rules.html
    • Create a new thread in this forum section using their call sign as the title
    • Provide the date for each activation
    • Provide the name for each portable location
    • Provide the location of each portable location using the Maidenhead locator (6 digit) or GPS signed degrees format (DDD.dddd)
    • Provide at least one photograph showing their station and it's surroundings at each portable location

    Once an application has been verified, the applicant will receive a unique code that they may then use to download the award certificate via the awards portal.

Mixed Bands & Modes ***Awarded*** G4CFS


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11 August 2015 Lewesdon Hill IO80ot

11 August 2015 Hardown Hill IO80nr

2 September 2015 May Hill IO81sv
may hill close up.jpg

2 September 2015 Ruardean Hill IO81ru
ruardean hill stn.jpg

2 September 2015 Wentwood IO81np
wentwood trig.jpg

7 September 2015 Crowborough JO01bb

8 September 2015 Wills Neck IO81jc
wills neck trig.jpg

8 September 2015 Staple Hill IO81lo
No photo forgot camera - see SOTA for verification

11 September 2015 Worcestershire Beacon IO82tc

11 September 2015 Seager Hill IO82rb

11 September 2015 Aconbury Hill IO81px

11 September 2015 Garway Hill IO81ow

73 Glyn


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If you post the first 5 of these activation in the bronze award forum then I can issue you that award too.

The awards are cumulative so the first 5 from the bronze award count as 5 towards your silver. Gold is 25 activations so once you have the silver you just need 15 more to get the gold.