• The "Life's A Beach - Bronze Award" is aimed at operators who like to have a paddle in the sea. The criteria for gaining this award are as follows:

    • Only activations that have taken place after your ARPOC joining date are valid for claiming awards
    • Operate a station from 5 different portable locations that are beaches (see section B of the Award Rules for the definition of a "portable location")
    • Complete a standard exchange with at least one station from each location (see section B of the Award Rules for the definition of a "standard exchange")

    To claim the award, applicants must:

    • Read the award rules before claiming an award - https://www.arpoc.org/threads/award-rules.18/
    • Create a new thread in this forum section using their call sign as the title
    • Provide the date for each activation
    • Provide the name for each portable location
    • Provide the location of each portable location using the Maidenhead locator (6 digit) or GPS signed degrees format (DDD.dddd)
    • Provide at least one photograph showing their station and it's surroundings at each portable location

    Once an application has been verified, the applicant will receive a unique code that they may then use to download the award certificate via the awards portal.

HF Only & Mixed Mode ***Awarded*** MOTCF


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I went out for a couple hours down to Exmouth beach, primarily to test out my home brew 20m vertical, end fed dipole - it worked great, not only that I got the bug for 'sandy operations' lol! Here's the extracts from my logbook for the 5 locations. QSO's are also logged in my 'log book' on QRZ.Com & with EQSL.

The trip to Slapton Sands was well worth the effort - the roads are not the best and at this time of year full of holiday makers........

24/6 EXMOUTH BEACH - East Devon 50°36'41.5"N 3°24'22.7"W

UA6NT 59/57 20m Moscow
IK3RIY 59/55 20m Lido Isle, Venice


31/7 SLAPTON SANDS - South Devon 50°17'09.8"N 3°38'43.5"W

EW1MM 57/54 20m 14.285Mhz Minsk
CT1JRO 59/55 20m 14.331Mhz Algarve
GM3JIJ 55/33 20m 14.331Mhz Isle of Lewis


01/08 DAWLISH BEACH - EAST DEVON -50°34'44.9"N 3°27'57.5"W

S51A 59/59 20M 14.296Mhz Slovenia
DL1MHJ 59/59 20M 14.277Mhz Germany
UV5U 59/59 20M 14.267Mhz Ukraine


01/08 TEIGNMOUTH BEACH - EAST DEVON - 50°32'48.5"N 3°29'32.3"W

IZ2FOS 59/59 20M 14.288Mhz Italy
F1ADG 59/59 20M 14.277Mhz France


01/08 BUDLEIGH SALTERTON BEACH - EAST DEVON - 50°37'45.8"N 3°19'07.8"W

F4FSU 59/59 20M 14.220Mhz France
RA1ANY 59/59 20M 14.183Mhz St Petersburg - Russia
OH1TD 59/59 20M 14.183Mhz Korpo Isl. Finland
TM200EN 59/59 20M France - Special Event Stn.
MM0NMC/MM 59/43 20M 14.270Mhz Marine Mobile - 150 NM E. of Edinburg in N. Sea heading North!


Whilst visiting Slapton Sands I also paid a visit to the 'Exercise Tiger' Monument located at the end of the beach at Torcross. its well worth making the effort to go and see it, the story behind it and the chap (Ken Small) who organised it all is documented in the book 'The Forgotten Dead' - Its a tragic tale of military incompetence during the later stages of WW2, exemplifying the need for good comms on the battle field! Sadly 946 US Servicemen died during this debacle and it wasn't until the early 80's that most of the families of the dead learned exactly what had happened to their loved ones! There had been a total cover-up during the war, for the purposes of keeping up moral. But as time went on nobody wanted to talk about it and it was only after Ken kept finding war time memorabilia (live ammo etc.) on the beach did he start to investigate, all told it took him 30 years to find out the truth and have the memorial recovered from the sea and put into place!.


BTW the time/date stamp on the pictures is the time today 02/08 that I uploaded them to the site - NOT the time etc. they were taken lol.
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Great work Lin and congratulations on your award.

I've had to change the title of you post. Please only put your callsign as the thread title for any other awards that you want to claim.


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Many thanks Matt, I really enjoyed visiting the beaches - haven't been paddling in the sea for years lol! Apart from making some great QRP contacts, it was really nice to be able to engage with member of the public, everywhere I went folks stopped and asked all sorts of questions, at one point I thought I'd recruited a 75 year old lady to Exeter Radio Club!! (She hasn't turned up yet, but did say she was waiting for her son to move back to Exeter and would come along then!).

I'll be a bit more attentive next time with titles etc. when claiming awards. BTW where do I get the relevant code from to down load my certificate please??

73's for now. Lin.


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You should have received an email with the award code in it.

Let me know if you didn't get it and I'll PM it over to you.