Fibre Glass Pole Mounting


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Fibre Glass Pole Mounting

I received my copy of Practical Wireless issue a couple of weeks ago and was interested in reading the article by Alan Walker (G4UWS) on his Universal Pole Mounting (page 23, June 2016) which describes a convenient way of fastening a fishing pole to assorted bases using odds and ends.
The construction was simple and as I normally use bungees to strap my SOTABeam 10m fibreglass pole to fences or use the ground spike, I thought I would have a go at assembling my own mount using items in my garage/workshop.

Wood was no problem as I am always tinkering with making things, lots of nuts and bolts in various pots. All I had to do was cut out the base to accommodate the bottom of the pole and get a clamp for the top.
I visited my local boat chandlers to see if they had a suitable clamp for holding the top of the pole, similar to G4UWS, but unfortunately there was nothing close, but the assistant was very helpful and showed me a pair Plastimo Spring Clips 45mm (£2:25 a pair) which were the same dimensions as the bottom section of my 10m pole.

With everything now assembled I completed construction of my Pole Mounting within about 2 hours (would have been shorter but had to purchase Spring Clips) and the finished product is amazing (even if I do say so myself). I have used it on 4 QRP/P outings – plus a number of colleagues from my club were impressed and I know of one other who is in the process of building the mount.
Thank you Alan G4UWS for sowing the seeds of imagination.


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Some great ideas there. I just picked up a 30' fiberglass pole and this is giving some new ideas for getting it up in the air.




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I screw one of these in, and use velcro cable ties to attach the pole to it.



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Ah - that's the kind of thing that I've been looking for: Something to allow me to put a standard/travel 10m pole in the ground but without having to take a hammer (or rely on an-other Essex Ham). I typically cycle or walk to my /P sites and, like Peter G0DZB, I use a 1m length of "angle iron" (£6ish, B&Q) as those cheap plastic parasol "corkscrew" holders aren't tall enough to support the pole adequately.

Something that mixed the angle-iron with one of those dog-leash screw-hooks was my thinking - and this looks ideal... Thanks :)

PS: If you're a frequent Amazon user, it may work out cheaper there
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One thing I would say is mine is a bit short for the sole support, unless it's very calm. If the ground is hard it's better, but on soft peaty summits it needs screwing in more. I always use guys with it although I have been out when it probably doesn't need it. I mainly use the spike to hole the pole up until the guys are tied off.