Fisherman's Dipole


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I just put together a balanced line fed dipole for multi-band portable use. What makes it a bit different is that I used fishing tackle swivel clips to attach the radiator wires and support ropes allowing it to be easier to erect and transport. No more snarled mess of wire and rope...just take it apart and roll up each piece separately. The center insulator was cut from a floor tile sample and the holes were made using a punch. I used 300 ohm flat lead with a 4:1 balun to connect to the LDG Z11 auto tuner. I took it out for a quick test drive at Lake Ray Roberts State Park a few days ago and it loaded nicely on all bands from 40 meters to 10 meters. I got good signal reports even though the band conditions were not too great. The antenna is light weight and fits into a small bag for transport. I think this one is a keeper. (^8


FD-Portable Antenna.JPG
FD-Center Insulator.JPG
FD-End Insulator.JPG
FD-Portable RRSP.JPG
FD-Portable RRSP-2.JPG