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Started wiring the the split charging on my work van today. In the back of the van I have a 120ah battery that came out of my brother in laws boat. The battery is in a box with an accessory socket on the top and a few power pole connectors.
The battery can be removed from the van for portable use but when it is in the van it powers my 600 watt inverter and used for charging various other things.
I have a voltage sensing relay rated at 140 amps that controls charging and when the engine is running but also gives me another 100 ah if I am working the inverter hard with some power tools.



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Any photos?

I had a split charging system in my old Landy connected up to a 200Ah brick in the back! I never run out of power though :)


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Having changed vehicles a few times I now have a L200 crew cab. Found a place behind the rear seat to fit the radio and have room under the bonnet for a battery, not sure how big yet but as I need to tidy up some wires and things.
Pictures to follow.