Hello from M5GWH


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Hi everyone

Leigh here in North Staffordshire - callsign M5GWH.

Hoping to develop for portable operation as I rent my home so no aerials permitted.

Working on a few setups including with my IC706 of which I'll make a manpack and also a 2/70 FM using a teeny Yaesu FT90R of which I have two (one will go mobile in the car) plus numerous handhelds.

Looking for a NiMH battery charge solution too so I don't cook my 7A packs.



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Welcome to the club Leighton.
Things have ben a bit quiet on here but don't let that put you off.
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I will try again, must of been the propergation.
You are 5 9 this morning.

Welcome to the club Leigh.


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Welcome to ARPOC Leigh.

Would love to see your 706 based set up.