Hello from Norway


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Hi all.
I'm LA4TTA, Erlend from the south western parts of Norway.

I have always loves being outdoors, in the forest and mountains. And combining that with the great fun of amateur radio is an great joy.
My home qth is very noisy and combined with XYL antenna restrictions that means that most of my operating is /p or /m.

SOTA is an great excuse for me to get out of the house and play with my radio but i equally enjoy sitting in my tent, under my tarp or in front of the campfire with my radio.
One of the grat things about having an tranciever as an traveling companion is that when you want some peace an quiet and just want to listen to nature one can just say your 73 and turn it of.

Besides portable operation I'm also a part of the local emcom group and i like to experiment with digital hf communication. My latest obsession is the pskmail program witch have an andriod app for fetching mail and to aprs stuff with hf when out in the field.

As for radios I'm a simple guy.

I have an icom ic706 mkiig in the car, and an Elecraft KX3 that i use at home, and when out /p. No amp for i for now but I'm considering.

I mostly use wire antenna as they are light weight and works.

I'm looking forward to being a part of the discussion here, and hope to catch you on the waves.



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Welcome to the club Erland. I hope to work you some day since you are DX for me here in Texas.