Hello from Saint LUcia (J6)


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Hi Frans and welcome to ARPOC.

Your post got caught by the anti-spam system as it contained links. The first few posts for new users are checked to prevent spambots registering and posting links to bad stuff!

Looks like you are quite a keen group out in St Lucia. Wish I'd have know about you when I visited last in 2013!

At least now I've got an excuse to go back... ;)
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Hi Frans

M6WFY - Kaz here. It's nice to hear from the Caribbean! We have been to St. Lucia before but unfortunately I wouldn't be able to operate out there because I'm still only a foundation level user. :(

Better get my skates on and qualify as a full licence holder in time for our next visit! I'll be aiming for the International Sunseeker :cool: