My bad stretch might have ended!!


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Well I went out today with my new vertical and a new 4:1 unun to test the theory in the field...or I thought I did! In the event I had forgotten the AERIAL!!!! GRRR. Never mind, I had the unun and a pole and I managed to find about 36ft of wire...the very wire that I had failed to get to work properly so many times in the past. Well, I popped the bitter end atop the pole, the other end went to the unun and I fed it via a coax end fed sloper if you will.

Did it work? OZ1HBF and OK1KW fell in swift succession to my monster signals, the KX1 loaded easily on all four bands and gave me maximum smoke out!!!!

I am delighted to report the home made unun works a treat. Tomorrow I shall try the actual vertical itself and report back.



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" OZ1HBF and OK1KW" What band ? You didn't make much of an impact on Reverse Beacon Network though !
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10mhz and 14mhz. Reverse beacon? Ive heard of that.

Maybe not, but it made a big enough impact with the OZ and OK stations and thats what counts.