New portable antenna mast is completed


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Embracing my new lease of life with tiny shack in a box radios and fishing poles and HF wires for SOTA I decided I would resume my 144MHz contesting activities but backpacking style this time rather than car portable.
I wanted a light and telescopic mast that I could carry but would also support a decent single long yagi (which I am also building to suit backpacking portable use) but couldn't find one so built my own.
Max height is about 5.6m but as I plan to do the RSGB backpackers series I only need 4m anyway.
Complete mast including all the guys comes to 3.5kg, which isn't fishing pole weight but this is more substantial.

mast completed.jpg

more details are here if interested.


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Looks good. Is it easy to put up by yourself? How long is it when it is broken down?

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If it's not windy it's dead easy to put up alone.
I peg down the retracted mast with the bottom guys. Extend 2nd section, tie down guys. Drop down and extend top and 2nd section and tie off top guys. It's now ready for the antenna, so drop it down and fit the antenna and extend to full height. Sounds more long winded than it is in practice, and on a calm day the antenna can go on as soon as bottom guys are pegged out.
When windy as it's telescopic it's unprotected by the guys until at full height. I'm working on a way to get over that solo.
Packed down its 2.4m long and fits in my car. Info is on the link to my build page.