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I'm looking for some ideas on how to promote the club.

So far:

We've sent press releases to:

  • Pratical Wireless (not used)
  • TX Factor (not used)
  • Southgate (posted as news)
  • QRZ (posted as news)
  • RSGB (appeared in RadCom)
  • ARRL (not used)
We have a paid banner advert running on (brings in around 6 new members a week)

We have teamed up with EURAO for the Spring QSO party (which will get ARPOC mentioned on the air throughout the weekend)

Organically, the club has been:

  • Picked up and mentioned in the ICQ Podcast
  • Posted on several blogs
  • Members are placing their member badge on
  • I am mentioning ARPOC in QSO when operating for an award
What else can we do?

Here are a few of my thoughts. Please comment and add your own ideas.

Email press release
I can send out the press release about the award scheme again. Maybe focus on clubs this time in the hope that they will mention it to members. I don't want to spam anyone though!

Club talks
I have a power point presentation with side notes available if anyone would like to give a talk to their club about ARPOC and the award scheme.

Regular net
Maybe we could set up a regular net for ARPOC members? This could be several nets of each region so all members have a chance to get involved. The net would focus on discussing /P operation and equipment but members wouldn't have to be operating /P to join.

/P Contest
A once a month contest that results in a trophy at the end of the year. You must operate /P to enter and be a member of ARPOC (any membership level). I would have to think about the award categories but I think it could be fun.

Any other ideas?
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I heard Mark on 7.120 whilst I was /P earlier... He did a grand job of promoting the website to the guy he was speaking with :)


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I likewise heard the excellent advert for the club, I then worked the /p Stn myself whilst/p activating a beach. He surrenders & promised to join as soon as he gets home!
Good to work you also Charlie.


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Likewise, Ian - it was a fun few hours with 6 /P stations worked on 40m including James M0JCQ/P who some of you probably know via Twitter.


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I think you worked Charlie after I did. Or did I hear you working GB0UCR after me ? I thought the call was familiar... Darn,, If only we had known we could have had the first ARPOC net :)
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Can you send me the slide pack too please Matt? I'll try to spread the word here in NI.



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I just made a post on both the KY QRP yahoo group. And the Bluegrass Amateur radio club site on Facebook. Hope that helps.


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I'll get the Powerpoint pack tidied up and available for download soon.

Any other ideas on how we can promote the club more?


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Hey Matt..

Might be worth placing a short advert in the Ham Ads section of QST for a few issues.

Put together a short video on youtube.

Make sure you have good meta tags listed on your web pages that would be found in typical searches by hams.

I will post a link to the club at the end of the next product video I produce for youtube.

I also put a "Member ARPOC" on my QRZ page

Mike / WOMSN