Radial Management


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If you are like me, at the end of a /P session you wind up all the bits of wire you've used and stuff them into what ever bag or box they live in between outings.

If you are like me, you always say "I'll sort them out when I get home" but then always find you have a tangled mess or wire and string in the box when you next go out /P.

You may have seen the rather un-portable antenna I put up the other week http://www.arpoc.org/antennas/379-mfj-40-80-dual-bander.html which required a minimum, of 8 x 36ft radials. I made these up "on site" and crimped tags on the ends in two sets of four. However I wanted a better way of keeping them neat when not in use. So I came up with this simple idea...

On one end of each radial solder a tag for connecting the radial to the base of the antenna or ATU ..

One the other end strip about an inch and bend it into a "hook" and tin it with solder to give it some strength.
Wind the first radial onto your reel/former starting with the hook end. When you get to its end simply hook on the next radial's tag and continue winding...
When you next need them attach the free solder tag to the antenna and unwind the first radial as you walk it out into position. At the end simply unhook from the next one and return to the base of the antenna.
Simples :D

PS: I've not actually done the unwinding bit yet :p


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Interesting idea. I have been rolling up each radial into a coil about 6" in diameter and securing it with a twist tie. This has worked well but I have to keep up with all the twist ties until I am ready to pack up again. I may give this a try.

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Great idea Peter. I think I'll give this a go next tome my 40M vertical comes out to play.


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And I just had an adapter made to fit the top loading coil and capacity hat on the top of an ex-military telescopic 27th mast, which is much easier to put up that the original multi-section aluminium. I wait to see how much difference it makes to resonant frequency as it is 6tf shorter. May be a few extra turns on the coil and slightly longer spokes,


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An idea I thought of was to use a small length of PVC tubing or similar to hold radials in a bunch of 4. I'll try it the next time I have to cut some radials.


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I've now deployed the 8 radial set 3 times. No tangles or knots and it's quick and easy.