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My local club is trying a Top band net on Tuesday evenings. So I wound this:
Put it onto a pole :
And tried it out :
Mostly by luck it resonated at 1880kHz. As expected it is quite a sharp resonance.
Results were good. Running my KX3 barefoot I received 59+ reports from the stations on a net on 1908kHz from around South Essex and North Kent. I even bagged an F6 from Dieppe on CW getting a 569 report.
I put my SGC-239 ATU at the feed point and laid 7x 20m radials out on the quite damp ground. The ATU seemed happier tuning LF of resonance than HF, so I'll try taking a turn or two off the coil ready for the club net on 1925kHz.
Sadly I've now realised I will have to miss this weeks net due to prior commitment :-( At least the antenna will be ready for next time.


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Hi Peter

Looks good! Can you give us a few details as to turns on the coil and overall length of the antenna....etc. I may want to try something like this for 160 or 75 meters.

Texas, USA
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Thanks for the information. I may try putting something like this together so I can try out Top Band.